Each holiday is a pleasure

Gols – no other place has so many connections to first class wines as this market town in the heart of the wine making region “Neusiedl Lake - Seewinkel”. The location of Gols is serendipitous. The interaction of Parndorfer Platte in the north, Seewinkel in the south, Heideboden in the west and Neusiedl Lake in the east provides a nice micro-climate, which enables the occurrence of great wines.

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Visitors enjoy not only Gols wines, which frequently win awards, but above all the charm of the North-Burgenland wine-growing location. The hospitality and warmth of the local people is really contagious. Numerous small wine taverns and culinary establishments, a full events calendar, the colourful activities of local associations, as well as interesting sights in the surrounding area make each holiday full of entertaining amusements.

You can obtain all information about Gols also here at: www.gols.at