Wines from Gols in WeinKulturHaus Gols

WeinKulturHaus Gols. A place where everything unites. Discover wines from Gols in their best form – and why not in a historical cellar? More than 400 different wines from almost 100 Gols winemakers at special prices are waiting for you in our wine store.

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There are 120 opened wines ready to be served per glass, waiting to be tasted. It’s a nice way to spend your time enjoying the wine while having a friendly chat.

You can take for granted that you may rely on profound guidance along your delightful journey through the world of Gols wines. Because your taste may be just as diverse as our offer. That’s why we will find together exactly those wines which match your personal taste.

Leichter Regen
Leichter Regen
Temperatur 13 °C
Meist bewölkt
Meist bewölkt
Höchsttemperatur 18°C
Teilweise sonnig
Teilweise sonnig
Höchsttemperatur 20°C